COVID-19 Testing

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a great deal of confusion as to whether you can get tested, where you can get tested, and how much it will cost to get tested once you do find a testing site. MEDHERO is welcoming clients in to provide COVID-19 testing services with a environment safer than your standard clinic or urgent care facility. How can we make that claim? We have the technology to back it up!

Available COVID-19 Tests

Rapid Antigen

15 minute turnaround time. Covered by most insurance companies with a provider office visit.

Cash rates (test only without seeing a provider) $119.

Rapid NAAT

(Nucleic Acid Amplification Test) Very similar to PCR - in house with same day results.

$75 with provider office visit (not including your co-pay for visit). Cash rate $125 without provider visit.

Rapid PCR

(Polymerase Chain Reaction) - both send out through Quest Laboratories, usually covered by insurance but takes 2-3 days.

In-house PCR, $149 cash without provider office visit, $99 with provider visit (plus your visit co-pay). In-house PCR has same day results.

COVID-19 Treatments

COVID Prevention

Long-acting antibody combination that provides protection for high-risk patients against COVID-19. Can last up to 6 MONTHS. Call to see if you meet the criteria.

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Fast and easy

Very fast and very easy. The entire process was great.

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