Modern X-rays are a quick and efficient way for your doctor to diagnose injuries and serious health conditions without doing anything invasive. With their expertise in emergency medicine, Greg Moreno, MD, Keith Yablonicky, MD, Sarah Peterson, MD and their highly trained staff of providers, offer in-house diagnostic X-rays at MEDHERO™ Advanced Urgent Care and Wellness Center in San Clemente and La Costa, California. If you need an X-ray, schedule an exam either online or over the phone today.

X-Rays Q&A

Why do I need an X-ray?

An X-ray is one of the oldest, yet still most effective, solutions for quickly diagnosing causes of pain or inflammation. Your doctor may request an X-ray if they suspect you have:

  • Broken bones
  • Joint arthritis
  • Heart failure
  • Blood vessel blockages
  • Digestive tract blockages
  • Swallowed a foreign object
  • Lung infections, such as pneumonia

If you or your child suffer from a sports injury or trauma, you may also need testing for a concussion. At MEDHERO Advanced Urgent Care and Wellness Center, the team is certified in ImPACT®, a computerized neurocognitive testing system used to evaluate and manage concussions.

How does X-ray work?

X-rays send beams of radiation energy through your body. Each type of tissue absorbs this energy in varying amounts. Dense bones, for instance, absorb higher amounts of energy and show up as white on the X-ray image.

Less-dense areas, such as connective tissues, don’t absorb as much energy and appear as various shades of gray or black. Occasionally, a contrast medium is injected to help enhance the X-ray image. This is usually done through a simple intravenous (IV) injection.

Is an X-ray painful?

Generally, no. If you have a broken bone or injury, you might experience some temporary discomfort for having to place your injured area in a certain position or hold it still. The compassionate team at MEDHERO Advanced Urgent Care and Wellness Center do everything possible to ensure your entire X-ray experience is as quick and painless as possible.

When will I get results from my X-ray?

Because MEDHERO Advanced Urgent Care and Wellness Center is home to some of the most state-of-the-art technology available, you can get your X-ray results right away. After your dedicated practitioner orders your X-rays, you head to the radiology department to get your images.

Your doctor receives the digital image right away and shares the results with you on the spot. If needed, you can even get started on treatment the same day as your X-ray.

Book your X-ray examination at MEDHERO Advanced Urgent Care and Wellness Center by clicking the online scheduler or by calling the clinic directly.